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The journey that your brain undertakes when sleeping

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Have you ever wondered what happens while we are asleep? The body is so inconspicuous when it's working properly that we often don't know half of what it does to ensure our survival and good health! especially when asleep...

Sleep has a restorative effect on the body, promoting better mental and physical health, greatly helping the brain to "reset" itself so we can focus on the next day's tasks, helping us become more skilled, and it even supports the body to recover from diseases.


What happens is that sleep is as important for the body as it is to be well hydrated, and to have at least 3 meals a day that nourish you. This is why the quality of our sleep affects absolutely everything. From your memory and your ability to concentrate, to your mood of the day and physical capacity.


So, what happens in our body during those 7-9 hours of rest that we have at night? As for our perspective, we just lie on the bed, close our eyes and wake up to a new day, but one thing is taken for granted among sleep experts: the brain never stops working, and neither does the body.


While you're asleep, your body regulates rest time in 4 sleep stages , each with different goals and processes.


Stage 1 : It is the one in which you cannot define if you are asleep or awake, it lasts 5-10 minutes, and it begins when we manage to relax enough to sleep.


Stage 2 : In this your brain activity, heart rate, and breathing system begin to drop, it can last from 10 min-1 hour.


Stage 3 : This is known as " deep sleep " the brain waves that are emitted during this period are known as Delta Waves. This stage is most important to restore both your body and your brain. It helps you process memories from the day before, filtering out those that might be short-term (so you can forget them soon) and keeping those that are long-term, so you can recall them more easily later.


At this stage, your body also takes advantage to repair muscles, bones, and help make your immune system stronger .


Stage 4: In this, also known as REM for its acronym in English ( Rapid Eye Movement ) is the most active stage during sleep. During stage 4, your brain is just as active as if you were awake! It helps the development of creativity, critical thinking, and memory. This is also the stage of dreaming.


Depending on how long you sleep, your brain will be able to go through these cycles repeatedly, on average 5-6 times a night.


Some hormones that are also secreted in your body when you sleep are melatonin (the one that will make you feel drowsy), growth hormone (to repair those muscles and/or bones that were used during the day, and help your metabolism), cortisol (the hormone that is released when feeling stress), leptin and ghrelin (those that regulate appetite).


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