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Why do I feel sleepy after eating?

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Imagine that you have just finished eating on a Tuesday afternoon. There are many things waiting for you when you get back from lunch at work, but no matter how hard you try to focus once you're there, you start to get sleepy that you can't seem to keep under control and you can't focus on your tasks.

Why is this happening to us? It has happened to everyone at least once that after a big meal they get a little sleepy, so it is normal, but what are the reasons behind this sleepiness? And how can we avoid it after eating?


The explanation that we might have ever heard from a friend is that the blood flow is diverted to the stomach to favor digestion and that for this reason the normal amount of blood stops reaching the brain, but the truth is otherwise.


This drowsiness that we feel after eating a lot is a mechanism that the body activates for "rest and digestion" according to a BBC report , and it is a physiological survival response that the body activates from the sympathetic system (which is part of the sympathetic system). nerve that is responsible for controlling heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory)


Another cause could be the heavy presence of starch and carbohydrates in your food, as these increase the level of melatonin (the hormone that makes you feel sleepy) in the brain, or another explanation could be a lack of quality sleep. at night, so if you often wake up with headaches or sleep less than 7-9 hours several days a week, it could be that the tiredness you feel is not from food, but that you feel tired in general from sleep stressed or very little.


What could I do to stop feeling this way after eating?

We know that this feeling can be very counterproductive in our day, since this drowsiness can lower our level of performance at work at noon, or be annoying when trying to concentrate on an activity, so to avoid it, the following is recommended:


- Try to eat smaller meals during the day : Reduce the portions of your three main meals and try to distribute the time in which you eat food throughout the day. Eat a healthy snack before and after these three main meals, and you will see how it will also help you feel lighter. But yes, it must be food that nourishes you!


- Try to have a better sleep : Sleep every day at the same time, 7-9 consecutive hours, follow a sleep routine that helps you relax, and maintain good sleep hygiene with smart mattresses and comfortable sheets that allow a comfortable, fresh and clean sleep. At Lunela we have many options for you! Do not miss this opportunity to look at our catalog and our promotions .


- Exercise : Moving your body will always be a good way to activate, and the best thing in this case is that it is not something that requires a lot of physical effort, since you will have just finished eating. A 10-15 minute walk could be the perfect exercise and can do wonders for your digestion!


After these two tips, it is important to suggest that you listen to your body. Take care of your diet, your sleep time, and don't forget how important it is to sleep well! If what you feel is tiredness throughout the day, try to sleep better and you will see how your quality of life will begin to improve itself. Your sleep defines your day, how efficient you are during it, the energy, and the mood you are in.


Say yes to a good dream!



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