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Why do we still feel tired when we sleep too much?

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Hasn't it happened to you that after several nights of sleeping badly, you finally manage to sleep for a long period of time, but when you wake up it doesn't seem to be enough?

It seems inexplicable, but after weekends (the time that should serve us to rest more) ironically we can end up more tired than normal, so sometimes we can end up sleeping longer, but waking up less rested. Have you ever wondered why ? what?

Experts call this state where you find yourself drowsy during the day after a long night's rest "The Sleep Hangover," as this condition can bring with it headaches, irritated eyes, and a perpetual state of tiredness. .

The main cause of feeling this way after a night of 9 or even 10 hours of continuous sleep is circadian rhythms. These function as the internal clock of the body that indicates and regulates by itself the physiological functions of the organism, so that these can be repeated every 24 hours when it is the correct time for each function.


The logical thing would be that after a long night of rest we feel like new in the morning, right? restored, ready to face the day, and recovered from the sleep we lost over the weekend, but the truth is that when we sleep more or less than normal, our circadian rhythm is affected, and it is disturbed.

So if we are used to getting up at a certain time, and we sleep longer than we used to, our body will begin to experience a feeling of fatigue that we perceive when we are awake.


Another possibility for why we wake up fatigued could have something to do with our sleep cycles and waking up on the wrong cycle. When we sleep, our brain goes through different phases of sleep, which dictate the behavior of the body while we are asleep and the depth with which we rest, depending on our levels of stress and alertness, our sleep may be more or less deep, but What happens when we sleep more hours than usual is that these sleep cycles are lengthened, so we can more easily wake up in the middle of one and cause confusion in our body.


To prevent this "sleep hangover" it is important to respect the sleep times that our body needs daily, and give ourselves the daily rest time that we require.


How long should we be sleeping?

The time we need to rest properly depends a lot on our age. When we were little, our time off was much longer and more changeable than it is now, as we were constantly growing, but now it has become much more stable.


For adults aged 18-64, a 7-9 hour sleep is recommended, if you respect that schedule, you will see that you will not need more time to enjoy a good continuous sleep!


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